September 11, 2011

Dedicated to all those who died that day as a result of acts of terrorism
For thirty years and more they stood,
Their shoulders seemed to hold the sky suspended,
Roots sunk deep in bedrock,
Tops reaching higher than the clouds.
Each year, we mark their fall by day and hour
As terror flew into our lives and
Earth’s foundations failed,
Taking in their steep descent
So many lives, so many hopes and dreams.
Now we stand among the ridges of our town
To dedicate one steel girder, ten years past
As though it were yesterday—
That September morning when the brilliant sun
Turned to clouds of ashes
Watered by a rain of endless tears.
With hallowed words we pause and offer prayer
For those whose lives that day were lost,
For those who risked their lives and health to rescue,
For those whose hearts are broken still,
For those taken in ten years of war in distant lands….
And for ourselves, that we may learn from suffering,
Until in compassion,  our open hearts and minds are filled with peace.


3 thoughts on “September 11, 2011

  1. Yes, I drove into NYC early on 9/11 and then later in the morning watched the towers fall while standing on a pier out in the Hudson River with about 200 others, mostly women with children who had husbands who worked in the World Trade Center. Of course at that point, we assumed that everyone who worked down there had been lost. The screams were horrific. Later that day I handed out water as people walked north after the buses and subways were shut down. At the end of the week, I went downtown to volunteer with a company who had lost 350 employees and had brought many spouses and family members together to deal with the shock and grief.

  2. Fred, interesting to hear your story from 9/11. It must still seem like yesterday. We were spellbound again this year with the news coverage from that fateful day. We were amazed to hear the story of the tremendous water resuce for the first time.

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