The Truth in Universe

Born from fifth generation of star dust
Fashioned in atomic furnaces, galactic
Heat immeasurable,  reliable truth in universe
Travelled, converging incoherent in the hope
Worlds turn and turn around a central point.
Adopted by age three, I was native to
Naive ideas, moving through sheer grace
Seen and unseen in all the small towns I lived.
Christian in belief, my parents were blind to me,
Came to occupy the house themselves,
Absorbed attention in image of their idol gods,
Worked for gold… kicking, screaming in hard
Pursuit of empty things, the quiet wonder
Never fully understood— the price they paid,
High cost for holding too little doubt
Far too long to see they heard the message wrong.
I had to laugh because they never saw themselves.
Whatever reality I choose, it seems too small—
Blocks evolution to a larger view of God,
Simple and beautiful in light of mystery
Beyond sense and certainty, enduring
Questions of such sensible and senseless paths to
Death and doubt, unknowable in life.
Some seem to grasp experience
But miss a deeper meaning, the words lie
Dense upon the lips… they fail to glimpse that
Happiness is only found when happiness is shared
And that everything belongs.


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