Let Them Rest In Peace

Let us refrain from giving strict scrutiny to
Mortals resting row in ordered row,
Names forgotten though they were carved in stone
Many years ago when memories still whispered
Upon the silent heath at night, lingered on in
Homes entombed in grief, hearts heaving
Tears about the empty, lonely rooms….
For years, they tolled the bell, came in prayer,
Laid flowers upon their graves, until
All who mourned their loss were swept away.
Come late October, let the autumn leaves
Testify to passing years,
Blindly cover all that remains. 
Let desolation conceal every plot,
Feed the seasoned grass as we listen
Carefully to soft sighs unleashed,
Toothless smiles rotting down below,
Finally free as anonymity slowly
Grows, increases year by circling year.
Let them rest eternally in peace
Spread over a thousand acres,
Roaming within gated boundaries,
Headstones slowly leaning, sagging,
Words once set in stone now crumbling to dust
While we walk away in sunshine, turn our backs
Forgetting that all too soon we, too,
Shall join the inexhaustible crowd below.
May the road toward nothingness
Be acknowledged as complete only
When dried tears and laughter
Turn to join the luminescence in the air.
Free at last….  Thank God Almighty, free at last.


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