There Are No Stars Tonight

There are no stars visible tonight.
Heavy clouds block all shimmering light,
Except in memory I have the sight—
Planets swirling steady in the dark,
Constellations clearly circle in
Slow shadows of the watching mind.
There is more room in memory for stars
When clouds obscure the sky,
Block the vision of my lifted eyes….
Clouds become the midwife of the greater space,
Expanding within the mind tonight.
Inside the brow of rounded bone,
I count vast coil of stars above,
Light firing inches behind the eye,
Invisible stars form a path of silent answers—
Rooms of infinite space appear within.


One thought on “There Are No Stars Tonight

  1. It reminds me how much creative possibility there is right inside our own memories… I have to slow down to catch them though. And rarely do these busy days.

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