Flying to Blossoms As My Heart Desires

Today I am a sovereign butterfly,
Escape cocoon around protected heart,
Spread Monarch wings as I unfurl
Sufficient span, drift upon the draft of afternoon,
Warm energy of sun unfolds a tender aching
As I range upon the beating course.
Away, away let me fly to seek
Blossoms as my soaring heart desires,
Though beauty lasts no longer than three days
Then sweetly fades as all flowers do.
Let my feet alight upon pure yellow,
Bright from shining sun transformed….
As nectar overbrims, opens without resistance,
Spills priceless drops from each new bowl.
If I descend angelic upon wide Earth,
Drink a taste of glory’s opening grace,
Then I would not overstay….
Leave before storms come, fly again,
Few minutes here and there, fluttering
Austere in knowledge of my lonely flight,
Landing of unhappy heart so brief,
Wilting fancy welcomed in the heat.
Too soon, my lofty flight will cease,
When night rings curfew
As sky gets dark and cares fade
Upon the yellow rose in shadows….
Will I sleep long night among the thorns?
If so, I shall rise again upon fresh fields,
Spread wings to seek within wild
Fragrant blossoms better than any
Taste of ripened fruit.
No more mystery than three minutes
 My soul will perch,
Monarch taking surrendered crown,
Then fly away without a sound, senseless
Beauty touched in daylong daring race,
Never knowing reason or straight flight along a path,
Land upon fair bloom, bow on black bended knee,
Drink a kindred cup of grace,
Sip authentic honeyed dew that waits
For wings of love to lightly land and taste.


One thought on “Flying to Blossoms As My Heart Desires

  1. Incredibly poignant and beautiful poetry, Fred. During this current hurricane/storm…your words are extremely comforting and inspiring. “Tamshich”…continue………

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