Our Love So Real

Ah, Marie, my love for you so real….
Never did I tire of painting you,
Your face before me still,
Sweet, demure, I hold your naked
Innocence in paint upon my brush—
Your cobalt eyes, blond hair
Brushed upon so many canvases….
Always you are with me,
Hips present in form of every
Pitcher sitting on a table.
With rising sun, I see
Sparkle of your shining eyes;
Within faintest breeze, your scent;
In dark of night, the coolness of your skin.
When rain falls, I see your tears appear,
And when devouring sun returns,
I want you back again.
My deepest wish to love and love and love,
To paint you secretly on every canvas,
Brightly painted body
Inspiration drawn in curve,
Love fixed in color everlasting….
Please forgive, for how was I to know
After my death, you would kill yourself—
Join your ceasing breath with mine,
Whatever lasting lust in dust enough,
Eternal stories circulating,
Devoted Muse, forever mine….


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