Those Who Wait Upon Destiny

 There’s no need to extinguish the fire—
You’ll go further if you let it burn,
Float upon the updraft of the heat
Until lungs expand from what you breathe,
Eyes open as you see below, above,
All around within surrounding cloud.
For one hour, retrace your steps,
Walk backward, hover in the moment
As a hummingbird, wings beating
Faster while stationary than one can see.
Move as quickly until the portal opens.
Then take stone staircase that appears,
Walk the steps alone, one at a time,
Upward into brilliant air.
Hold within your hands a cup of sand,
Observe the spaces between the grains
As Universe expands— reveals
Ordinary miracle known only within
Dreams that no one has ever dreamed.
Do not fear sharp tilt, the lift that seizes
Upon approach of mountain heights,
Soars into and then beyond all wheels of time.
Those who prepare for your coming,
Who watch as destiny comes true,
They are the ones who silently guide,
Though they hesitate to change your fate—
Now, the rest is up to you….


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