My Love, You Are Forever Close

My love, if as they say that love does not die
Then I have lately loved you dear,
Closer than yesterday, closer than an hour,
Closer than my sense of self….
If as they say, love lives now and forever,
Surrounds beyond the gates of death,
Then truly you are in my heart
Even when you are not here.
You are with me and yet so far,
So far away… my breaking heart
Holds you close, my love, still seeking
Through light in mirrored distance,
Lonely mist where you are lost.
When I sleep, I hear your words in dreams.
Asleep, I am not deaf or blind—
In sleep, I come awake to you,
I see your beauty appear before closed eyes.
I hear your silent voice break through,
Leads my spirit to sense and touch,
My breath to pant again, smell your fragrance
About the darkness of the bed….
Here you are, my love, forever close.
Burning peace deep into my rest.
In morning, as I blindly rush
Toward other beauties of the day,
Forgive, I pray, my infidelity….
Times I stray away from you,
Forget and cannot see you close,
Fail to sense your breath or
Hear your memorable words as
Whispers in the breeze across my face.
My love, remind me
In my hunger and in my thirst….
In my waking step and in my
Dreaming sleep at night—
Entwine yourself within my heart
That I may know true peace.


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