The Answer Lies in Ancient Myth

 Why it is that darkness should be
Associated with death,
I cannot say… the answer
Lies hidden in ancient myth,
Now lost deep in half-light,
Older than Pharaohs, pyramids,
Crouching Sphinx in drifting sand….
Older than Anubis waiting,
Buried in the anxious vertigo
Where startled animosity waits in fear.
By light of day, nations waged war,
Sacrificed blood, poured
Upon the field, ground bones
Of nameless fallen who had fought,
Died exhausted, dread upon
Ashen faces, eyes closed to ageless time….
Immense loss charged against
Eternity for those who prayed their grief.
Among all God’s creatures, only man
Divided shimmering stars into
Twelve houses, drew such lines of
Constellations across invisible light years
So that fate could be discerned—
Gazing beyond all forgotten dreams.
Generations between the intervals,
Still darkness comes upon end of day,
Restores in sleep a tranquil home
Beneath starry spaces of the
Unseen soul, blind as we are,
Unable to bring into being
What cannot be seen in waking life.


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