The Day Passes Slowly

The day passes so slowly,
Counting each wave upon the beach,
Each cloud that sails across the sky….
Noting every leaf on every tree,
Measuring every shadow as it lengthens,
Moves past ten thousand blades of greenest grass.
Now I’m counting stars as evening slowly
Lifts its blinking eyes to watch the silver moon,
Know the twinkling, burning light from a
Million years away just now falls upon my face—
Fiery sacrifice of countless years speeding
Toward this slowly spinning Earth.
Fast the blazing light, as I slowly take my time,
Honor every minute, one by one,
Passing through expanding space
Knowing whatever comes, there is never a return.
Oh, burning Sun that blazes;
 Oh, tides that crash upon
Countless grains of sand….
Oh, beating heart that pulses yet again….
How can such slow moments
Contain a world so grand?

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