The Voyage

Today, I am a little further out to sea
Than was the case the day before….
Winds blow constant as
White sails unfurled, the canvas full,
Make headway plowing through waves.
Destination and destiny hold
Imagined in the mind as chart,
Course changing hour by hour as craft zigzags
Toward horizon’s wheel of setting sun.
Each day unknown as I tack
Left or right, hold rudder steady,
Keep bearing by stars assembled above,
Night as telling as the Sun in day.
Blowing winds are always powered
From forces beyond my sight.
Other times, my skiff is still—
I break out oars and start to pull,
Calluses from wood and rope on hands,
Feet braced against the side,
Sweat upon brow as energy ebbs.
No matter the pace or yellow sky above,
Cast my net in vast expanse of blue,
Find blessing of God upon the deep,
Spray of salt upon chapped lips….
Small wayfarer alone in immense sea,
Many leagues away from port….
My voyage only one journey
Among many the watching stars have seen.


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