Two Fish Running Deep

 In the great vast sea,
There are two fish swimming,
Run deep under whatever waves
Wash the body’s shore.
Two fish, never surface,
Never bask in sun or
Breathe bare burning air.
They dive under storms,
Rest within blue tranquility,
Know a vastness you will
Never see with eyes.
Two fish—Spirit and Soul….
Two fish joined as one
Swimming in water
They have possessed
Since Creation began…
Inhabit worlds within worlds
Where wisdom is the only light.
They know not time.
They know not might.
In their moving wake,
They part the seas with
Wordless truth and love.
Listen for their eerie sound,
Two fish calling in the deep,
Never needing sleep,
Speaking within your dreams.
Two fish, unnamed, untamed,
Swimming in a vast eternal sea.


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