Living in a Round House

Born and still living in a round house
Where there are no corners to hide—
Only one ceaseless wall where shadows
Move endlessly between us.
Smoke from fire lazily drifts,
Curving in haunting space before it
Disappears out large door into spacious world.
Every morning we sit in grand circle,
Share big dreams, born in darkness,
Now brought into brightness of morning air.
We are inheritors and usurpers—
Claim a daily kingdom,
Populated by multitudes that are
No longer here, but visit us in
Moments of loneliness that seem
Uncertain in belief but deep in healing.
When we weep, we save our falling tears,
Pour upon the sacred thirsty ground….
Later harvest fields of joy.
Our sorrow is a doorway
Leading into an ethereal world unknown,
Beyond questions, a blessing upon us.
An instant in the wind— I feel it breathing now….
Every evening, at setting of Sun,
As shadows vanish and eternal stars appear,
Moving, leaping as visions in dark sky….
We knell upon wide lawn to pray.
If clouds block sight of stars or storms
Drop messages from hell in form of hail,
Thunder, lightening dashing down….
We sway and sing, shoulders together,
Standing, looking up in rain,
Mouths open, arms lifted to
Gather, welcome company of love….
Veins pulse with stirring latent power.
Every day, we dance in praise of life.
Even now, I climb high tower
Not made with stones,
Remove shoes and barefoot
Rise step by step— emerge upon open terrace,
Lie upon my back until I hear
Still voice of echoing Word….
Look out upon vast expanse—
Cosmic circle of infinite horizon,
Round as our homes are fashioned round,
Shadows gently surrounding, dancing,
Unsealing original love that gives us birth.


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