The Burning Awareness

Early one morning, I rose from the bed,
Descended stone steps, as landscape still slept—
Fog gathering before Sun opened its eye,
Burning awareness in the hour of sunrise.
I waited without awareness of waiting
For the light to awake,
Unblinking, not thinking of silence that reigned.
Suddenly a rooster sounded his call,
Crowed in very moment the Sun broke above,
Through the veil of a tree—
Making me aware of the silence around….
Quiet surrounding with sudden sound in relief,
The silent complete compass
Of Spirit and Earth
Gathered together in an instant of birth.
Open to everything in this moment of grace,
No reference to anything—
Judgment suspended, like fog in the air,
Only awareness receptive and pure,
Spreading outward, rising and falling….
Watching awareness aware of itself.


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