Yellow Sky Reflects the Burning Heart

 Today, I am an orphan again.
Without father.  Without mother.
Without children…. the inheritance gone….
Dust descending slowly into heart,
Choking breath with wreck and wrong,
Yellow sky ablaze in lamentation as
Delicate stars black out at night, abandon sky,
Glittering memory slowly fades in
Cries that frame a silent moon.
Bitter it is to view the scene
Without success, the garden
Rooted up by hungry swine.
Violence stretched upon the face,
Meadows, mountains, oceans laced
With falling waste, whipped
By blowing winds and stinging sand.
Weep for the loss, the awful devastation
Crossing across the continent….
So much lost or burned away.
Where do we find the hope to
Sustain the heart, the balm
To staunch the bleeding wound?
Who will be found to cleanse the smoke,
As forests and fields burn from shore to shore?


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