Seeking Something More….

 Dedicated to Ellen
How far will I have to go
To find a country where people
Know nothing of the sea?
Where they are so far removed from
Deeper malevolent tides of men
They know nothing of storms of war,
Do not cry tears laden with salt….
Where will I find men and women
Who sit at table and feel grateful,
Pass food to those who hunger
Without any need to be asked?
Is it possible to find such a land
Where people bravely bless each other?
Where life ebbs away only
Very gently when one is full of years?
Where strangers greet each other
Without fear of harm; where all are secure?
Where promises are made and kept?
I want to settle into meadows of
Quiet days, where friends are
Loyal and true, where the
Marriage of souls comes naturally,
Without need to register with clerks….
Where people are vulnerable
To their own hearts and
Cry when they say goodbye.
I seek a place where
Water is unpolluted by waste;
Where rivers run free and
Air is pure and fragrance of flowers
Flows upon a summer breeze and
Wild animals are friends at peace;
Where walls that divide neighbors
Fall down, crumble from lack of need.

I want a time where the
Passage of hours is not
Measured by ticking of clocks and
People are not pursued by
Monsters or gods with hate,
But ready and willing to bless,
Heal with balm the deepest of wounds….
Where people notice the buried needs
Without expectation of words to be said,
Where they see the presence of silent grief,
The fear when one is lost….
Where no one is outcast or poor,
Where prayers are answered
And the ancient prophecies told long ago….
All that has been promised comes true.


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