Stream Pours into the Lake

 After last night’s heavy rain,
The stream pours into rising lake,
Water coursing slowly toward the dam—
Turning lake into a drifting river
Flooding farmer’s land,
Uprooting trees along far bank,
Dragging brush by its hair,
Churning silt changing water brown
Under low hanging branches and sodden leaves.
Breaking the silence, a fish leaps—
Awake with urge of hunger for a fly;
The fly awake with cry of sorrow as it dies,
Swallowed whole as the sun sinks like a lantern
Extinguished in evening sky—
One dance completed as another begins….
The rain, the stream, the lake
Flowing toward the dam…. sweeping,
Weeping, keeping life awake
All the way to the dam and then beyond.


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