Face the Wailing Wall

It is time to face the heavy Wall,
Find crevices, large and small,
Prepare the note in your own hand….
The prayer you wish to share with God.
Lift the veil that covers eyes,
Do not deny nor be surprised….
Your broken heart never made of stone—
Pray the words written on white bones.
Approach alone your Wailing Wall,
Read your history, composed in grief….
Run calloused hand against blocks of ancient stone,
Placed in place so many fateful years ago.
Chiseled there in heavy shapes
All lamented glory once engraved in hope….
The cries, the wails, the loss, the past—
Now lost in silence, yet still it waits.
Prepare the note in shaking hand,
The private prayer you pray alone,
Then walk the walk to your own Wall,
Wail your heart to waiting God.


One thought on “Face the Wailing Wall

  1. Your poems are wonderful. I especially like Face The Wailing Wall. It says so very much.

    Thank you.
    Hannah Mazo (Paul Kilmon’s friend)

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