For my dear friend, Mary Jane

Slowly, carefully, lower yourself
Into the interior of your well….
Descend rough stones carved,
placed so many years ago…
Down to dark waterline
Where dwells the spirit of your Soul.
Whatever passes between I and Thou
Will not be said in words….
In silence hear the silent Voice.
Falling within the failing you have yet to fully fathom,
Discern the wisdom waiting,
The task within the task.
You do not enter this deep welling lightly;
A calling not purely choice—
Seek not the “if” or “why”.
Now with bare feet and trembling,
Enter this hallowed, hollowed space…
Be reverent and be daring,
Accept the private invitation—
Drink deeply of the cool, still water.
Perhaps… by grace,
Through leap of faith, the risk…
As deeper thirst for love now quenched,
You find the deepest sense of You.


One thought on “Wellness

  1. Fred, I am deeply honored and touched by your dedication. I don’t even know what to say, so I’ll sit here awhile in silence and just soak in your words. Thank you. mj

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