Catching the Unraveling Sky

Whatever time I have,
It will be short.
Already, pieces of the sky are falling,
Bursting into flame, rising into air,
White bones splintering…
Soon, strong winds will blow,
Waves will swell,
Though nothing shall be moved.
One morning I will rise from prayer,
Take whatever holiness I can bear,
Lightly on my arms, my legs, my back.
Warm rain that falls that day
Will be overlapped with light,
Rainbows shining over a hundred hills,
As I climb higher to sharp mountains.
I will sail over broad oceans
Before disappearing into mist.
I shall not be missed.
Every wound caused by absence in the world
Will heal and someone else will come to
Stand upon the holy ground,
Taste the wine, wonder at the stars—
As I have done in my time …  as I do now.
Sooner than one can ford a stream,
I shall be gone,
Forgetting my self,
My bare, shining face bright from
Glare of holiness, above, below,
The intensity of soaring fire
All around as I catch the unraveling sky,
The vast and boundless space opening
Wider and wider, revealing glorious grace,
Transformed by touch of the Absolute.
In time, outside of time, in no time at all
The unbroken way will be found
That spans the long gap from here to there,
And the Circle will be complete.
As I move, I shall sing of Love.
As I leave, I will burn with Love,
Knowing that Love is the lesson,
Love is the growth, Love is the way.

4 thoughts on “Catching the Unraveling Sky

  1. Lovely, Fred. I certainly feel the ephemeral quality of life these days….every creaky knee, every aching shoulder reminds me of my mortality! This reminded me a bit of Tennyson’s “Ulysses,” though Ulysses has less humility about himself!

  2. Superb! What a fantastic mystical experience this poem tells … you of course have already experienced it in your imagination…how else could you write it? What a beautiful insight ! I think you are becoming, or better, have become a mystique!

  3. I hope when its my time that it will be like that for me …. I loved the poem and the photo you chose for it, Fred. I envy your ability to put your thoughts so eloquently into beautiful poetry

  4. The tension of eternity and time….finitiness and infinity….time and finiteness is all me know but eternity and infinity are what we long for
    Well done, my friend

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