Walking Out into the World for More

The sun slowly rolled 
Over eastern trees,
Waking me from sleep.
Pulling curtains open….
Casting shadow across the bed.
Showered and dressed,
Walked barefoot onto the deck
To make sure mountains
Bordered shore of the lake,
That all was the same
As before the dark of night.
Faint morning moon
Confirmed it all remained—
The essence with God’s presence.
Gathering cup of breakfast tea,
I spread butter on toasted bread,
All the while thinking 
The lake is but reflecting pool and
Stone mountains nothing
But a crust that floats on surface
Of hot molten core, hard
Buoyant breast sustaining life….
Solid rooting for trees,
Feeding birds and creeping animals,
Framing the clearest blue above,
Making me wish for more….
Higher mountains thrusting
Wider and wilder upon the Earth,
Beckoning to leave murmur of words
Within a peaceful mind and walk
Out into the world for more.


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