Whatever Spirits Stir the Day

Sitting in a room with one large window,
Black dog resting against my feet,
One buzzing fly I cannot see
And whatever spirits stir the day
Glide across surface of the lake,
Enter silence of the heart…
Spread rainbows upon the roof,
Color mind with passing thoughts.
It all comes together—
Presents itself in an instant,
Islands within a moment of one minute,
Spreading warmth upon prickling skin,
Gently pushing doubt an inch away.
Hearing click of ligament against the knee,
Ticking clock on wall, time hovers invisibly,
Window open, breeze flowing,
Love swelling to fill the open space….
Awareness slides like a cloak around my shoulders,
Down the arching spine, tingling arms,
Curls hair slowly growing on my head,
Rises into air, disperses in the room,
Jumps through window, vaults out upon the roof,
Spreading to the porch, the deck,
Floods the lake with yellow light….
Wordless poetry lightly contracting, expanding,
Like wings of a moth, opening, closing,
Silhouetted, kindled by an endless flame.

One thought on “Whatever Spirits Stir the Day

  1. The soul is aware of so much more than the mind and the heart confirms the soul’s awareness.
    Well done, Fred.

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