The Price of Love


In each of us, there live strong loves
Who for many years have occupied
Secret rooms within the heart….
Places where silence runs deeply,
Where even words seldom see the light—
Yet the living mystery haunts us,
Gives enduring shape to contours
Curving through passing time
Lying in-between then and now,
Stirs the rapid current of breath,
Turns memory to unending sorrow….
Wave after wave of quickening grace.
Though we cannot call them to our side,
Though they may refuse to hear our cry,
Decline to see the tears that yearning brings,
Still we harbor love no matter what it brings—
Sadness, as grains of sand fall to measure
Hours of absence, waves of love untouched,
Hands opening in offered peace,
Ready to relinquish pride or past wrongs,
Giving self away, dissolved by forgiveness,
Filling empty space with nurturing love.

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