Spring Blossoms Scattered on the Water


Early morning after last night’s shower,
Walked down stone steps in shining light,
Paused to soak in cleansing sun the month of
May freely offers anyone with eyes to see or
Face to sense the warmth rising with the day.
The landscape is greener than yesterday,
Drops of dew bending blades of softer grass,
Billowing clouds whispering along mountainside,
Living in breath of sustaining air.
In suspension of morning hours,
I slowly walk onto the dock and bend to drink,
Taste fresh water on parched lips,
Enthralled, sip the tender beauty of the moment….
Find myself in lost wonder at the lakeside,
Feeling held not by, but within
Luminous landscape… spinning, floating
Flotilla of white blossoms listing, trailing glory,
Discarded petals gathered within a larger flow,
Driven inevitably toward moving river
Coursing unseen around the distant hills,
Yet I know it’s always there, drifting,
Waiting to receive the scattered fallen.


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