Inner Sanctum of the Soul

For Bonnie

The inner world is a landscape….
Endless view of mountaintop or
Wellspring gushing beneath a heavy rock,
Water flowing out of darkness of the heart
Through tributaries no eye has ever seen.

Textured silence of the intimate world waits
Blessing by rain, wind, thundered consciousness,
Waits to offer voice with tears of joy or pain….
Gold, diamonds, emeralds trapped in blind stone,
Still light living in the living soul
While near neighbor runs distracted through a different world.

Walk slowly in labyrinth of prayer;
Circle clockwise around the well, then kneel;
Drink deeply of the sacred water there.
Leave votive offerings for awakened healing;
Study omens left upon the threshold.
Listen to the whispered voice of wind and love.
Welcome graceful dreams and find
Inner sanctum of the soul….
Small door guards the inner light,
Sheltered against unrefined and hurried mind.

Handle placed inside the door….
Becomes gate of heaven, yielding blessing
When you are ready to be blessed.
Destiny waits patiently.  Ripeness is all.


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