A Fading Ivory Rose

dedicated to Frances, who was born the first of June
A Fading Ivory Rose

Even as the rose fades,
Breathes its last perfume….
Thorns upon the stem
Draw drop of blood to bless
Splendid blossom decaying
Above the rambling green.  

So sad a passing hour in death
No saint has ever seen—
A lovely ivory rose once graced
Brilliant morning June,
Now one stranger dying, white,
Forlorn among the radiant reds….  

Scent of rotting sweetness
Hangs heavy in the air,
Incense as a wordless prayer
Rising, lifted upon a gentle breeze—
Beauty forever lost as
Vanished youth now spent.  

With fading pallor
Poignant blossom
Bows its weighty head,
Welcomes morning light with
Giving of last breath….
Petals turning ivory brown
Before they drop to hardened Earth—
Oblivion is blessed.


2 thoughts on “A Fading Ivory Rose

  1. A fading rose, dusking of a summer day, twilight of a love relationship, the exhaling of a soul….universally present in the ivory rose.
    Good going, Fred

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