When the Day is Finally Hushed

After sunset, when day is finally hushed,
Birds no longer sing their praise to glorious sun,
Deep water of the lake found profoundly still.
Basking in solitude of evening stars,
Only then am I gently held,
Enveloped within spacious arc of arms. 

As heavy stone of day is rolled away
Thoughts expand within wider silence….
Discover inner space to contemplate fresh
Promising open-ended possibility
Giving deeper truth to shallowness of death—
Unfolding beyond horizon of distant hills….

Spoken only in whispers,
Never loud “Halleluiahs” more appropriate to day.
At night in murmured tones does resurrection come—
Only absence of light
Allows the eye to see another world,
Opaque veil parted in the quiet dark….
Hush!  Be silent and take notice of the Great Perhaps….
Become quiet and hear the plaintive, sacred note of
Possibility begin to breathe. 


2 thoughts on “When the Day is Finally Hushed

  1. I loved this, Fred, it’s something really beautiful, particularly with the references to Holy Week and Easter. Thank you so much.

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