Going With the Flow

Standing on the bank of a wide river,
Current quickly flows,
Eddies opening, closing, vibrating,
Passing as fear stirs and surges
Against the edges of the bloodied heart—
Pulsing impossibly fast until I take the risk,
Cross the porous boundary,
Take the step across the threshold into moving water,
Dive into ever-present flow of life.

Only as I float within the stream,
Become as One with the current,
Swept away from pseudo-certainty of
Terra Firma, take the risk of letting go…
Ferried into the shadowlands of shadows,
The umbra nihili of the universe,
Cradled on a fragile raft of love.

I cannot swim by strength and will alone but
Float unbound as love is cast as bread upon the waters,
Bathing in the essence of life,
Fluid, miraculous, alive….
Renewed upon swiftness of its course,
Bidding night reveal its wholeness,
Glistening with moisture as dew upon a morning rose
Is glorified by early light of day….
Such silken aurora rises
As love is tied to unpossessed desire,
Purest streams of revelation,
Tides rising as waves swell upon the ocean’s deep
Glorious love flowing upon the curve of Earth,
Overflows the skies, the dark, the streaming stars.


2 thoughts on “Going With the Flow

  1. The window of faith hoped and lived in all of the uncertainity of reality.
    Good going once again, my friend

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