I Dream of Children, Sleeping

There are rooms in the house
That are empty,
Have been empty for years.
No color on the walls
Other than the color of tears.
At night, always at night,
I enter them in hopes of
Finding the scent of love—
Perhaps a discarded memory
In a drawer of the heart.
But no words, no messages are found
Under pillows, between sheets.

I am alone, and whatever peace
Can be contained within four walls
Is now found within an empty heart.
On the nights when I can sleep,
I dream of children sleeping,
Breathing softly as the house sighs, keeps
Watch through the silence of the night.


3 thoughts on “I Dream of Children, Sleeping

  1. So haunting, this poem. The experience of lonely childhood and all the fears I remember.
    You write what I could never put words to.

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