Go Down to Ancient Egypt

Go down to Egypt, Moses…
Tell Old Pharaoh to let the people go.

Take your brother, Jesus, with you
Down into the ancient land of oppression.
Together, find some rocky platform,
Speak for freedom of the human spirit.
Raise your hands in this sea of chaos.
Let them know their voices matter.
Be bright beacons of hope
In a dry and barren land, in the midst of
Weary and difficult times.

Let us all embark for Egypt,
But only after we first confess
Our long, deep, dark, delusional
Relationship with Power that binds
Hearts yearning to breathe free.

Let us journey all the way to Egypt
On a pilgrimage to awaken
Our unconscious conscience,
Asking our oppressed brothers and sisters
To help to set us free from
Our oppression of our own true selves.


One thought on “Go Down to Ancient Egypt

  1. Certainly timely, my friend….and freedom from our own oppressions is so true and so powerful…you go from the obvious and bring us into the real.

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