Barefoot, As I Walked the Beach

I did not ask to be there, walking alone upon the shore,
An hour before sunrise, seeking not so much an answer
But a presence that might come, rising,
Washing from the depths to clean and purify my dirty feet,
Barefoot as I walked the beach.

High above the eastern horizon, something seemed to change,
Began to slowly open as the stars grew fainter in the night sky.
At first almost imperceptible, I sensed the fading boundaries
That hold night and day apart begin to crumble.

Listening acutely to whatever voice the ocean gave,
I felt the swells of pain and wonder….
Of being alive, here, upon this threshold
Between continent and sea, dark and night,
As a gust of loneliness expanded as a forlorn fog
Into a space so vast I could not see an end—
No visible horizon within the blue-gray morning….

I heard myself cry into the wind:
“Where is God in all of this?”
The answer floated back upon the tidal waves,
“God is in the sea…  God is in the sand… in fading stars.
God surrounds you in the very air…
Here.  Right here.  All around.  Within.”

There were no words, only an unbreakable silence,
Whispering, enveloping, flowing from the
Farthest reaches of the universe, sinking into my heart,
Finding the very spot where I refused to fully love,
Spreading, opening the narrow places deep inside
With such tenderness, I can only say a darkness lifted….
An abyss within opened and then filled, then overflowed
Just as the flame of Sun broke through the morning clouds,
Glowing before me, shimmering with such intensity
I felt I could touch it, yet not be burned.


3 thoughts on “Barefoot, As I Walked the Beach

  1. I feel washed by the ocean …I hear those waves, feel that sandy beach … I see that dawn, the Flame of life and sun……What a glorious poem…breathtaking , Fred!

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