Everything Seems Settled

This morning, snow settled down among the trees,
On top of fifty inches already there—
Rocks upon the mountain barely visible,
Though I know they’re there, waiting for the spring
To show grey bulk sitting, before the hiding green.

Everything seems settled now.
There’s hardly any wind.  No sun; no shadows.
Snow will come again this afternoon and
Through the night and more tomorrow.
Tonight there will be no shining, no fading of the stars.
Tomorrow no rising of the sun.
I only hope tonight I’ll see the lights in homes
Across the lake… windows filled with light
Visible against the darkness and the stirring wind,
Snow drifting against the doors, silently
Covering the visible world with mystery.


2 thoughts on “Everything Seems Settled

  1. Such a quiet, magical poem …so peaceful and restful…those great, barely visible rocks, waiting for spring… snow drifting against the doors, silently…lights in homes across the lake…I love these images Fred…you are a magician! A lovely poem.

  2. To be honest, not one of your better ones, Fred…sounds more like the weather forecast…
    Your entire collection is so remarkable that this one lacks just a bit.

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