Asking for Healing Prayer

The morning clouds have acquiesced,
Run away before the rising, burning sun.
I climb the stairs and with each step
Meditate upon the breath, the road outside,
The surface of the hills athwart the rocks,
The frozen lake that hides so much.

An hour ago, someone called to ask for healing prayer
For a child dying of brain cancer, ten years old—
Two weeks to live, or so they say….
Now my shoulders feel the weight of prayer.
What words will come?  What possible power will flow?
What hope composed to strengthen such a child I’ve never met,
And likely will never know.
I think upon the demand of parents
Already surrounded in their exhausted task,
Their surface as strong as ice upon the frozen lake,
Hiding so much fear, showing hopeful smile to a precious child.

There is so much pain in tenderness.
Yet I pray that I might drop the shield around my heart.
Let it flow like a stream
Singing as it runs through day and night.
Increase whatever capacity my heart has for love—
Let it bleed freely, joyfully, willingly
Embracing possibilities for wholeness and healing that
My mind cannot fathom or accept.
Give me faith and strength to
Pray and pray without ceasing for those whose wounds
Weigh down their bodies, trapped in darkness,
Unable to sense the burning light
Hidden, trembling in the world.


One thought on “Asking for Healing Prayer

  1. The tenderness of uncertainity and the strength of the unknown collide in such wondrous images and the pain of reality is the thread that weaves in and out of us all.
    Well done, my friend.
    Am glad that I have the time to be renewed in your gift.

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