Let Me Rest In Darkness

Ah, Darkness, let me rest within you.
Silently, silently let me linger with
Weary ending of the year and learn,
Unhindered by unceasing care.

Caressed by opaque protective arms,
Held within cold, faint mystery of
Absence of a stronger soaring light,
Let me lie covered by long, slow shadows.

Teach unspoken wisdom known only by unknowing,
Unspoken in the darkness of the night,
Waiting in sacredness my eyes cannot see,
Blind as I am, unable to love what is and is not.

Let me not lament the darkness of winter days,
Finding joy in the simple stillness around me.
May I be overshadowed by a darker beauty,
Barely visible in the shimmering glory of a summer day.

Oh, Darkness, shield me from the weight of expectation.
Allow me to walk without fear into the dim domain of
Serenity, deep peace, away from the stimuli of heated desire,
Communing only with eternal stars to guide my way.

Close my eyes and help me sense within the dark a perfect presence,
Empty space quieting the pounding heart… remaining aware,
Leaving Self behind without desiring not to be,
Knowing the Soul does not belong to the world.


One thought on “Let Me Rest In Darkness

  1. Oh man…the depth of this one will take me awhile to explore and experience. I have copies it and have hung it on my bathroom mirror to revisit often.
    Good going, my friend.

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