When the Sun Fell, Exhausted

The Sun, exhausted from its efforts,
Finally fell into the pitted ruins of Earth.
Orange lungs burst open into fire,
Sending fingers burning into the night,
Splitting the tremulous sky apart,
Ribs broken like a pumpkin breaks
When dropped from high above.

I looked, but no one seemed to care
This symphony of fireworks might change
The way oaks stand in their
Stalwart familiarity, leaning into
What was once the source of light.
I am tempted to resign myself,
But fear it’s far too late to leave or
Bury underground in some brutal
Grievance against such massive ignorance.

There’s not much hope I place on Tuesday
When votes are tallied, as though a
Change of fortune would magically
Restore the length of days or that
We might alter our evil ways,
Grow deeper in our silent thoughts…
Now that the moon will no longer reflect
Nor face the questions of darkest night.
A thousand years from now, ghosts will
Prowl empty valleys looking for our petroglyphs,
Wondering what we knew of the coming
Age of darkness limping down the trail,
Question what sickness sapped our strength.

Returning spirits will want to know who was the
First to open eyes and see approach of destiny?
Who sensed the burning truth… the searing failure
To oppose victory of war for considered gain
With the hope of peace written upon hearts.
Throngs of invisible dead will walk in dust still
Rich with fiery blood and ask why
Sympathies waned along with dying Sun.

Some will surmise we were warned by comets
Arcing through the shining daylight.
Others will think we failed to read nature’s omens…
Ancient forests cut down for personal profit or
Vast oceans filled with plastic trash, devoid of fish.
There will be those who think the dark
Took everything in its hungry mouth,
Like Pompeii’s instant ashen doom,
Swallowing up the exhausted light, turned away
From the bread that was cast upon the water.

There will be no memorial to the forgotten truth:
In the end we found nothing in common…
That we slowly grew blind to caring, sank
Deeply under the weight of too much wanting,
Failed to confess the poisoning of mind,
Water and atmosphere until the hatred killed,
Destroyed all hope we’d quench the fire of hell.


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