Waiting for the Hour of Sleep

Sitting alone at night,
I scan the woods outside.
The dark of the world…
Always there outside the light.

There are no lies within the mind,
Only distorted  amplification, voices,
Twists that disappear as deer paths
Into the woods at night.

Tears form and cloud the eye.
A taste of salt
Lies on my cheeks.
All I hear is silence.

Lights twinkle down the road,
Waiting for the hour of sleep….
A quiet time where an old soul
Glimpses truth and weeps.

2 thoughts on “Waiting for the Hour of Sleep

  1. The ache of human life….no matter how much we want and need to be with another, the reality is we are alone within ourselves. That truth indeed is sad and causes salty pearls of glistening ache.
    Good job, Frd

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