Frost Is On The Morning Air

The peak of color is now past.
Whatever green had lingered on the hills
Is fading faster than I please.
Frost lies on the morning ground;
What was once the summer dew
Now is crystallized in colder air,
Radiance changed but still
Presents the finest wonder…
A shining peace prepared for dawn.

Soon the trees will be bare.
Earth will turn to brown and gray…
Now is the time to finish cutting back
Limbs that once bore fruit.
I will sit alone in fading sun,
Watch the leaves upon the ground
And ask why summer has to end.

Clothed in self protection,
I shall suit myself in heavy wool,
Though it itches when I dance.
There is a silent fear that
Comes with approaching cold,
Grows closer to the shivering heart.
I ask the squirrel burying nuts in the yard,
“Will we have enough to last?”



2 thoughts on “Frost Is On The Morning Air

  1. Lovely…thoughtful and thought provoking!
    (And don’t wear wool next to the skin…unless its cashmere! Dancing should be utter pleasure!) These mornings are so crisp and bright…thank you for reminding me to worship!

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