Even If It’s An Aching Romance

Aching Romance
I want to have a conversation with you,
Even if it lasts for twenty years or to
The end of the world, as long as it doesn’t stop
In the middle of a dark night,
Screaming in anger at the moon, just hanging
There in the sky, cold and alone.

Slowly, as we walk to the last of whatever path
Lies at the end, I don’t want to come to the finish
And be dangled over the edge— not again.
I can’t fly alone anymore, not with a heavy
Heart in my chest, wanting you in my bed
Beside me forever— at least not tonight.

Yes, I’ll stay for an aching romance if that’s
What comes down the road, as long as
We talk without lies, straight from the heart,
Telling whatever truth we see in the light or
The dark of night, cloudy days, rain and cold
Down to the marrow of bone.  Just stay.

Don’t leave me again.  Take off your coat;
Remove your shoes and stay, at least for tonight.
Don’t pretend we’re strangers again and again.
Let me hold your hand; it’s not the end
Of the world, even if it hurts like a failed romance,
Again, all the way to the end, to the very edge of night.



3 thoughts on “Even If It’s An Aching Romance

  1. Not for a song, Fred….too good for a song… songs are great to listen too and sometimes calls forth an emotion but your words encapsulate the raw emotions and lasso those emotions and bring us to a different dimension – a dimension that song cannot deliver.
    Good going, my friend.

  2. I have felt this fear at the beginning (and middle) of relationships. Ah, but the need over and over to stay in the present moment…

    This was beautiful.

  3. The longing of the heart and the pain of loss… the space that is only filled by memories…this poem reaches deeply into those troubled places we try to hide from….

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