Ocean Waves That Never Sleep

Ocean waves sweep the shore,
Perform a priestly undertow,
An absolution in their sleepless round,
Cleansing white sand with every swell.
I cannot walk against the Ocean’s crest
Without feeling breath of prayer
With rising, falling of the breast.
Whether it be fairest day or
Charging storm, I cannot name
In mountain or green meadow,
Sweeter unrest that blesses feet
Than ocean waves that never sleep.


3 thoughts on “Ocean Waves That Never Sleep

  1. The ocean rhythems fill this poem…I love it! Im also really delighted to see a short, one verse poem! You are so good at packing in the ideas and expressing them in a small space! And seem to be less wordy than earlier! Which may not be everyones taste , but is mine! My total admiration!

  2. The power of the unseen God never rests…mercy. forgiveness, gracing, redeeming, saving, loving…never resting and always purifying.
    Wonderful as usual, Fred, my friend.

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