What Dissolves and What Remains?

After three days of rain,
Air sparkles fresh and clear—
Sky is the most heavenly shade of blue,
Afternoon sun shining through the leaves.
The lake below reflects the shimmering light,
Waves muscling water toward the dam.
A neighbor’s stream still overflows,
Dissolves, loosens rock and riddle of the hills,
Moves the missing parts of earth to hide
Deeper under water, fill with silt the bottom of the lake.

What part of me will not vanish when I dissolve?
When in the midst of darkest storm,
Absence comes to take my bones,
Body’s heat fades out with pulse of heart….
What remains of me?
Will love linger within the soul?

Down beneath the stream, below the lake
Flows a deeper river, bending out of sight…
Teaches every night a steady, silent pull, a tow
Abides astern the higher waterline,
A slow subduction unseen by human eyes…
Rearranges continents, chains of mountains,
Moving glacially slow, it waits for time.
What slowly goes?  And what remains?


4 thoughts on “What Dissolves and What Remains?

  1. I enjoy the observations, the simplicity and directness of the poem…in the way it deals with the complexity of your ideas. You get better and better Fred! I so admire your work. There are some extraordinary moments and phrases here…”Waves muscling water to the dam”…so meaty, & heavy and lovely! “Absence comes to take my bones”..extraordinary juxtaposition and choice of words! And the last verse is just gorgeous!

  2. I love the use of your imagery. The use of natural images and natural phenomena to parallel the journey of the human soul. Awesome, my friend…awesome

  3. I always enjoy reading the comments the two of you leave here!
    At first, this poem was not one of my favorites, but it grows on me, creeps up slowly like the poem implies.
    It’s funny that I see a poem a bit differently depending on whether it is on my computer in black and white or on my blog with the photo of the bending Earth, the different type…

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