Now That I’m Awake

I saw God die this morning,
A brilliant flash of red,
Weaned of attachment to
Branch of maple tree.
God floated for a moment
In the clearest breeze, then
Dropped to Earth, bleeding,
Crucified refinement of the flesh.

I saw God leap this morning—
Brilliant flash of rainbow fish
Diving deeply into shining lake.
I saw God black, in the insect
God leapt to devour….
Alive one instant, food the next—
Stomached by swimming beast,
Feeding God to God in such a soaring
Miracle, my blood chilled to weep.

I saw God last night,
After heavy rain had stopped,
Driving home, God hopped as frog
Trying to cross the street.
I almost squished God with my car!
Oh, God, poor little hopping God,
I nearly took your life in haste.

Now that I’m awake,
Skies are green; rain is blood—
God falls, swims, leaps, cries
Everywhere I look….
At bottom of the night,
In dark eyes of black dog
Rests God, wagging tail,
Content with simply being,
Lying beside my bed.


5 thoughts on “Now That I’m Awake

  1. Oh I just love this poem! It has everything….Humor, pathos, spirituality, great imagery…its delightful…quite beautiful .
    It seems to be a somewhat new direction for you Fred! I really like your lighter side!

  2. Man…there are so many layers to this poem. Excellent as usual. I think this one will bring out so many different emotions from as many people who read it. Quite a difficult thing to accomplish. Well done.

    • Angelo…your comments are always so interesting! I really enjoy them. you have such a profound depth of understanding and say everything so well and accurately!

      • Thanks, Danny, but the credit really belongs to Fred. His poems always evoke deep emotions within me and I simply try to put into words what his muse gifts us with.

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