Angels Sing of Endless Love

In the darkest night of years,
As restless sleep sweeps my soul
Toward brighter dreams,
I hear the call of angels
Singing deep and deeper in the night
Of light— endless, glorious light of love.

Out from the tomb, as if it were a star,
Burns endless flame, visible, radiant
It shines in valley and to mountaintop,
Holding all the world within its grasp;
Disperses doubt within a mist,
Sweet it passes from soul to soul,
Breath of mystery till dry dust
Turns back to life again, again,
Till all is joined in melody of song.

I see them walking there, these
Messengers that come at night,
Visitors from worlds eternal—
A sight so bold, so clear…
This gloomy globe of panting world
Passes as faint memory
After failing of the sun is gone.

All I know will fail, cannot last—
Except this glittering vision
Found inside the darkness
Of a dream:  this lingering
World of souls walking in the radiant air
Whose light is filled with love.

Though I hear the song they sing,
I do not know the words,
Unknown, this language of the dream,
Yet even in my sleep I sense the theme—
A sight that burns beyond the coldest night,
An endless song of shining love.


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