Drinking of the Nile

They say that those who drink the Nile
Will return to drink again…
But only if the heart has broken
When opened in moonlit love.

Now I have never sailed the Nile,
Nor seen the splendor of the pharaohs’ tombs.
I’ve yet to see the ancient pyramids
In rising of full heart’s moon.

But with love my heart has opened,
Been broken more than once…
The riddle of that Sphinx has spoken;
Abundant tears have dropped to join the Nile.

No doubt I will return to walk
Egypt’s empty deserts yet again:
Subsist on dates, drink deeply of the Nile,
Swim in the flow of full heart’s love.


One thought on “Drinking of the Nile

  1. wonder fiiled imagery, my friend. I have sailed the Nile, sat on the pyramids and stared at the sphinx but would never drink of the Nile…but all that said, your imagery is majestic and exporing. Good job, Fred.

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