Necessary Dreams

Great thing about dreams is
Altar for the alter-ego quiets down,
Language takes secondary role,
Tensions unwind as barriers dissolve,
Held, shaped within the dark,
Clearer in the night
Nothing exists between us.
Longings flow as images,
Composing, composting energy
Poetically within essential heart.

Last night I traveled by train to India,
East across oceans, watching gulls
Follow in the wake, creaking,
Screeching, flying fitfully in foursomes
Without blundering, without knowing
Vapors of luscious rain swept
Banked clouds against the rising sun.
Birds swooped to eat whatever garbage
I let go, tossed floating upon
Global seas, stirring, rudder of
Genetic code as compass yearning
For a conscious will, cradling body.
The boat my life….
Plowing through rising waves,
Releasing love and secrets mixed.
Lessons learned in dreams of night.

A dove named Genesis soared high
Until it found rays of sun inscribed
Upon pages of clouds, volumes and
Columns published as frontispiece,
Cirreous sounds hissing, thundering,
Streaks of lightening forming words
Suddenly corporeal, revealing enlightened
Nakedness, simple, with no fig leaf….
Longing, purity exposed, floating in
Swells of soulful, trembling light,
Rush of healing touch, aware the body
Requires no restful sleep
But dreams necessary to
Teach deeper forms of tenderness,
Wonderful, wondrous and more.

Ability to love comes from dreams,
Darker blue within the sleepy night,
Dark enough to see through veil.

I know this now: the miracle of sight
Unclouded as joy on cloudless morn—
Birds flying through whatever storms
Pass within the night, high above,
Far enough away to believe in flight,
Swooping to feast upon the waste,
Detritus tossed, lost, found again
In mist of spectacular dreaming seas.


2 thoughts on “Necessary Dreams

  1. I like this much better,,,,there is a wonderful sense of the liberation of dreams…and some of the images are spectacular! I’m getting to like it better each time I read it…!!!

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