What Flowing Water Teaches

Pain held in is pain intensified,
Becomes as tight as stone.
Pain released is poetry or dance or
Cry or prayer upon open lips
Sent to the heart of God.

Sorrow held in is sorrow
Magnified within closed gates,
Bound within the bones.
Sorrow released is song
Racing the wind to be free.

Worry held in is multiplied,
Swells tight within the tissues
Deep within the dark of night,
Grows as fear within the mind,
Imprisons heart from being kind.

The world whispers in every language,
Abundant love expands the breath,
Blowing in the wind to celebrate
Songs spirits sing again and again.
The liberated cry goes on and on.

Go sit by a stream until you hear
All the flowing water teaches;
Let it drench each crevice of the mind.
Then come and share what you’ve learned…
Show me the water splashed upon your face.


4 thoughts on “What Flowing Water Teaches

  1. I am in love with this poem! It speaks to me with such clarity and it’s images and the music of the words are perfection. I feel bathed in it…wonderful, Fred!

    • Fred, This is what the medical world has to learn. Not to treat with Rx, but rather with the water which we heal ourselves. The water is the purifier and we are the vessels through which the cleansing takes place if we are open to this gift. You captured the essence of the soul, again! All these nature signs also remind us that to everything there is a season. Thanks for sharing yet another great poem, you are truly an inspiration.

  2. Well done, Fred. The unity of nature and the human heart empowers. Seperated from nature the human heart cannot peace-fully exist. Love permeates both nature and the human heart. Excellent, my friend.

  3. I LOVE this! Makes me want to go find a stream right now. Will settle for watering the garden, checking the cukes, watching the tomatoes preening though not greening (cold summer here in the Bay), and commune with the buzzing bees. Thank you for this. Going to share among the Twitterati!

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