April Love

Last time we made love, it snowed.
It was April, though I don’t recall the day,
Smell of peach blossoms drifting in the air…
We’d left the windows open so Spring
Blowing in the breeze would enter,
Surround our naked bodies with
Scented sweetness in the night.

Huddled under covers,
We forgot approaching cold.
Hot bodies exuding heat,
Thrust toward clouds that feathered
Ground outside in darkness,
Falling snow, falling blossoms mixed,
Wasting white until the dawn
Came dreaming into day.

Unforgettable, the snow
Falling over love one night in April,
Hiding stars, though I saw them
In your eyes, sparkling in the dark,
Under covers warm with April love.


One thought on “April Love

  1. Love is always a muse’s best inspiration and you use your muse so well. Fred, you are a wonder at capturing an intimate moment.

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