Called To Witness

This morning, just as sun began to rise,
I woke before others and walked alone
Down stone steps to the lake, stood there
Naked in the early light, felt the southern
Wind blow across my face, my chest,
An extravagance of emerald dewdrops,
Wet grass below bare feet.

It was a sacrilege worth the risk, the naked
Leaves of trees unsheathed, cast of shadows
Across the yard, moving slowly, touching as
Watchful eyes stirred from confine of
Sleep and glistened, silently, within the portico
Of mind to drift across still water, leisurely….

There was no shame, no thoughts within the mind.
A gentle warmth of kindness rose,
Ascended tenderly to welcome this new hour,
This unblemished day with glorious white
Clouds rolling out against a heavenly blue.
There were no wings of angels, only songs
Released from unseen birds, the weightless
Morning air radiant as a splendid hymn
Perched upon an unbound heart.

The massive darkness of the night had fled
Before the rising sun; it could not bear the red
Geranium, the quiet opening of yellow lilies,
The splendid warming of Earth holding
Life against green breast, unfolding of fresh day,
Encompassed naked body, standing, watching,
Called from bed to shore of lake in solitary
Wordless prayer, to witness this new birth.


3 thoughts on “Called To Witness

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  2. The inner story of every person (man,woman, child) searching for meaning, needing to reveal the inner call, the hidden spirit….
    Excellent, Fred. Gifted you are.

  3. Really enjoyed reading this one, Fred!! Brought back images of Yellowstone – though I never stood naked looking out of nature (probably SHOULD HAVE!!).

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