Two Grey Herons Fly Into Memory

Particular moments burn into memory,
Arrows flying into mind as untouchable presence,
Two grey herons that flew last night in silence,
Skimming over water as music played …
Magnificence at the edge… sun slowly descending,
Silver ripples on the lake, the deep peace of
Leaves blowing in the gentle breeze….
Friends gathered, gravity holding us from touching,
Crying out, knowing some hushed whisper of
Love had visited, diagonal like deep truth,
Swooping faultlessly in the flight of evening.

Even at the farthest horizon of death,
This time of light that came with
Setting sun will burn again, inscribed,
Infused with other constellations,
Heart lying open on a summer night,
As music sings while darkness gathers,
Descends majestic as two grey herons
Fly into sight, just above the water’s edge.


4 thoughts on “Two Grey Herons Fly Into Memory

  1. Magic revealed…extraordinary and very beautiful memories of an evening shared with you. This poem makes me hold my breath! So lovely is it.

  2. I was there and you have captured the essence and that wonder-filled 4 hours in such few words. You, yourself, are a wonder-filled person, my friend.

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