Simply One

This morning I rose and watched the sunrise,
Sky turning from tender grey to pink to rose,
Blue-gray mist of moving clouds upon the lake:
Metaphor blurring, gathering, sensing heartbeat
Deep within the mist, deeper into silent abyss,
Wave upon wave of magnificence.

In the sky, the  flaming orb matched a flame
Passing through the mountain, through trees,
Through water of the lake to beating heart,
No boundaries….  simply One.

It circled through the globe, the world
A tiny orb hanging in the dark of empty space,
Pulsing, aware, filled with mystery
That echoes through space and history….
So much magnificence, so much energy,
Simply One, Simply One Magnificence.


3 thoughts on “Simply One

  1. You make me want to get up earlier. Or go to the window sooner. Or find a lake.

    I’ll have to settle for my garden. But, minus the mists, that works too!

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