Only Naked Angels

Please God, be aware…  I’m putting you on notice
All future visitations by angels will only be
Permitted admission into my house, my personal
Presence, if they are naked, completely and starkly
Without external clothes, drapes or robes of any
Nature, allowing, of course, for feathers in wings.

I request longhaired angels, male or female,
Young or aged, thin or fat…. As long as they are
Passionately in love, naked to the elements,
Unashamed of breasts or penises or vaginas—
Playfully prepared for instant intercourse, willing,
Eager to knell in worship of the body and spirit,
All bounteous nature without reserve, bringing
Fullness of the Hebrew Bible’s translation
To “know” another, altogether erect upon feet,
Aware, every muscle hard, engorged in anticipation of
This present, fecund, divine moment, wildly engaged,
Exposed, vulnerable as all Love is vulnerable,
Casting off protection, moderation, hesitation.

Only naked angels, please— no shields, no swords,
No bolts of lightening, just bringing the echo of
Heavenly choirs, the divine scent of whatever flowers
Grow within your grounds, even accepting
Without judgment whatever weeds
Come along, as we will plant new gardens,
Populate a New Earth, unpolluted by
Warped attitudes of flesh and sex,
View new horizons, new valleys filled with
Promises, peace longing for consummation,
Lambs and lions bedding down together,
Innocent, as before any priest thought marble
Statues needed fig leaves to cover naked form.
Let angels come naked, trailing only glory, only sunlight—
Gold, pure in energy, divinely inspired and blessed,
Blown upon the winds,  the wings of desire for Love.


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